beauty on fleek

beauty on fleek

vendredi 27 janvier 2017

Health Benefits of Compression Tights For Women

The science behind compression tights is this: Applying a balanced surface pressure over the legs triggers an acceleration of blood flow, increasing oxygen delivery to muscle groups being worked to enhance their performance.

Varicose Veins:

wearing good quality compression socks or compression tights during the day can help squeeze your lower legs, encouraging blood to return to your heart, so reducing the aching and swelling.

Tired And Aching Legs:

discomfort in the legs due to congestion in the veins or pooling of blood can be helped by wearing lightweight compression stockings or support tights.

Leg Ulcers:

these often arise on the lower leg, around the ankle. Apart from keeping the ulcer clean and free from infection, the main treatment is compression. A strong elastic and graded compression sock or stocking is the best and will help accelerate the healing process.

Pregnancy Support:

A common complaint of pregnancy is tired, swollen and achy feet and legs. In addition, the added baby weight can cause leg problems, like varicose veins, circulation problems, pain and edema. Compression tights can help relieve some of these symptoms. Compression tights increase circulation by supporting the blood and veins in your legs against the force of gravity to get the blood back up to your heart and the rest of your upper body. Speak with your doctor first before using compression tights during your pregnancy.


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